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avatar of me

Hi! I’m Roel, I really like R, programming and open science. I’m involved in software/data carpentry and teaching people the basics of R.

I often find myself building tools for personal use that are useful for others as well. For example I’m working on a tool that documents your dataset and useful templatesfor scripts and folders.

I’ve also created an R package to access IMDB information about series, and a package to create badges for github stable version on CRAN . I have also created datasets about werewolves and every line spoken and described in the tvseries Star Trek The Next Generation.

My current interests are: R, open source, open science and reproducible research. I dabble in text analyses, prediction and automation. Currently predicting and explaining student succes at Leiden University.

You can find my blogposts on r-bloggers

Contact me for issues on github. email hogervorst (dot) rm (at) gmail.com

linkedIn although I am not looking for work right now