About this blog

What is clean code?

I created this site to display examples and tutorials for nice or better R code, also as a way to document progress in my thinking and also just as an useful location for tips.

The best learning is by teaching.

I have a series about getting from SPSS to R learning to work with dplyr and ggplot2.

There are some blogposts about version control and github.

This website is hosted on github and build with markdown documents. I really want to move to blogdown but I haven’t found the time. You can find small snippets of useful code and solutions on my secondary site r-we-there-yet

Any questions or errors can be added to the issue tracker at the bottom of the page.

Look at the excellent website r-bloggers for more posts about r.

About me

I am Roel Hogervorst previously employed at Xomnia